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Jättehelig / Jun 14, 2018

So tonight it was finally done. After a lot of attempts and hard struggle its finally done!With last night 1.4% wipe with one player gone during whole last phase in mind we set out heads for a kill and managed to pull threw. Thanks everyone who ha...

Jättehelig / Mar 04, 2018

... bites the dust! Not that "DJ" khaleed shit... jesus manWell as you can see above, the horrible quartet of wahmen have been defeatet! Sargeras surly have the worst in his arsenal. Well lets hope our dear deathknights are up to speed on pulling ...

Jättehelig / Mar 02, 2018

Aaaaaand we are on a role again. After a rough wednesday raid we stepped up our game a little and did not only reclear Bridgechicken and Dodgeball, but also patchwerk... i mean Verimathras! Now lets try to remember how we did coven on hc the first...

Jättehelig / Feb 18, 2018

As the great Patches O'houlihan one said, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball! Sadly, neither me or Tycho can throw wrenches at anyone, so balls would have to do.And... some pulls later... Kin'O'Houlihan was defeated! To the traitors V...

Jättehelig / Feb 01, 2018

Living up to the motto, last attempt. After about 80+ pulls and some swearing Imonar the Soulhunter is dead! Kill at 23:02 and one of the slowest kills in the world, basically doing it 19 man. Lets clear some trash to kin'garoth!/Jättehelig

Jättehelig / Jan 14, 2018

Another one down! No more portal-trash before council! With Hasabel down we are another step in the right direction. Another week, another boss!/Jättehelig