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We are a semi hardcore raiding guild and we have been raiding since Mist of Pandaria. We have been doing heroics during most of the raid tiers, but decide to push it in HFC mythic. The guild has been active throughout Legion, pushing mythic.
Our raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00-23:00.

As a raiding team we are friendly and helpful, we will always strive to keep a healthy raiding environment during raids, which all our raiders appreciate.

Addons we use are:

- RCLootCouncil
- Exorsus raid tools
- Discord

Raiding rules below.


Every raider must:

- Signup for raids in the ingame calendar. If unavailable, send a mail to your officer or raidleader.
- Know tactics for the all the raidbosses.
- You must have the best enchants/gems.
- Bring flasks, potions and the best food for your class.
- Be outside the raid entrance at starting time (19:50) not dependent on summons to be on time.

During raids:

- Break is at 21:30 and will last 7 minutes.
- Questions will be directed to your Role officer during raids.
- Focus during boss fights.
- Key words: KILLING SHIT WHILE HAVING FUN (but slackers will be asked to leave)

Loot Rules:

- Lootcouncil will be applied as long as necessary.
- Personal-loot is used on all other bosses. For tradeable drops, council will be used.
- As general guidelines for distributing loot the council will take, ranks, attendance, ilvl upgrades and performance in the raidteam into consideration.
- BoE's are considered guild loot and will be distributed to the ones in need. If no one needs the BOE, the piece will be sold for the guild bank. They can be bought for 50% discount. This money goes towards repairs, feasts and vantus runes.
Role Officers:

The raiding team will consist of multiple role officers who will answer your questions and help with rotations, positioning, builds and specific raid tactics for your role.

Current officers:
Jättehelig / Jun 14, 2018

So tonight it was finally done. After a lot of attempts and hard struggle its finally done!With last night 1.4% wipe with one player gone during whole last phase in mind we set out heads for a kill and managed to pull threw. Thanks everyone who ha...

Game Activities
Danielsna set primary spec to BM
Danielsna set secondary spec to MM
Danielsna set primary profession to ENG
Danielsna set secondary profession to JEW
Danielsna set level to 69
Maiku changed primary spec from Frost to Fire
Maiku changed secondary spec from Fire to Arcane
Maiku changed primary profession from Tailoring to Kul Tiran Engineering
Maiku changed secondary profession from Inscription to Tailoring
Felðæððy set primary spec to Destruction